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One dozen pasture-raised eggs from Shelly's Farm Fresh in Brentwood, CA.......

From: Shelly's Farm Fresh

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One dozen pasture-raised eggs from Shelly's Farm Fresh in Brentwood, CA from hens that are raised on pasture where they can roam and scratch for bugs. The grain is a custom blend which is filler free as well as antibiotic, and hormone free.

The pasture is an Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend. "Omega-3 fatty acids are an important component of a healthy diet. One way to get this substance in our food is to eat eggs from chickens raised on a diet that promotes the formation of Omega-3's right in the egg. This blend is planted for chicken forage to achieve this high Omega-3 result. A University study shows that there is almost 6 times the Omega-3 fatty acids in an "Omega" egg versus a conventional egg!" Forage blend from Peaceful Valley, sustainable agriculture supplies.

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