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Apricot Amaretti Cookies

The Amaretti is a traditional Italian treat that is often enjoyed with ice cream, fresh fruit, coffee, and tea.

Bacci Di Damas | Traditional Italian Cookies

These are Traditional Italian cookies from mid-nineteenth century Piedmonte.

Blueberry Tartlets

Roughly palm sized, tartlets are a smaller version of our galette

Blueberry Turnovers

These are true home-style turnovers filled with a sweet and tart summer blueberry flavor.

Cherry Galette

Frog Hollow's take on the classic cherry tart.

Cherry Tartlets

Frog Hollow Farm organic fruit in our ruff-puff pastry. Made with our tree-ripened cherries....

Cherry Turnovers

For those who like the traditional allure of a light flaky turnover, enjoy our sweet, tree-ripened cherries encased in our ruff-puff pastry.

Chocolate Ganache Linzer Cookies

Round, bite-sized cookies with a heart-shaped center filled with a rich chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Orange Marmalade Cake

Chef Becky's chocolate orange marmalade cake is the perfect marriage of good quality dark chocolate and sweet navel oranges.

Cookie Trio

This cookie trio offers you a perfect sampling of some of the best cookies we make in our farm kitchen.

Cookielicious Basket

All of our customers' favorites in one tin, enjoy a wonderful variety of our Bacci Di Damas cookies, Pluot Chocolate Chip cookies, and Amaretti cookies.

Ham and Gruyere Empanadas

Enjoy a delicious fresh baked empanada from Frog Hollow Farm's kitchen.

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