Please read the terms of your membership that display when you complete your CSA order. Membership terms are posted below for your convenience. It’s important that you understand your commitment to the farm when you become a CSA member.

When joining the Happy Child CSA members make a pledge to receive a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh organic fruit from Frog Hollow Farm or one of our partner farms.

Subscription Terms

Sustaining Members commit to the Happy Child CSA for 6 months and pay in full in advance for their subscription. Sustaining Members enjoy a discount off their subscription and may join at anytime throughout the year. We do not offer refunds on sustaining memberships. 

Auto Renew Members are billed the week before their next scheduled delivery and are not committed to the CSA for any length of time. Auto Renew Members can join at anytime in the season.

Frog Hollow Farm does all it can to ensure a full harvest.  All CSA members are committed to sharing in the gain or loss of each season due to weather or pest conditions beyond Frog Hollow Farms' control. 

Pick-Up Policies

CSA members are responsible for picking up their boxes and add-ons during the designated pick-up time for the drop-site they select. Pick-up windows are within 48 hours of drop-off, unless otherwise stated in the drop-site selection. If CSA members are unable to pick up their box, they may send someone to do so on their behalf.  

CSA boxes and add-ons not picked up within the designated pick-up hours will be donated at the pick-up site hosts' discretion. Late pick-ups are not eligible for credits or replacements. 

Frog Hollow offers extended pick-up hours for the convenience of our members but cannot be held responsible for spoilage or damage to fruit or for any other items ordered but not found at the pick-up, if not picked up on the day it was delivered.  

If a member does not find their item(s) at the pick-up location, they must contact csa@froghollow.com by 10am the morning following their delivery to be eligible for a box credit or replacement. 

In order to make pick-ups run smoothly for everyone, CSA members should refer to the pick-up signage at the pick-up location and take the share size for which they are subscribed.  Members should not take boxes labeled Add-on unless they find their name labeled on the side.  

Delivery Holds

We understand that there will be times when you are not able to receive your delivery, which is why we accommodate delivery holds.

Holds must be placed before the end of the day Friday on the week prior to the next scheduled delivery. Holds can be placed online through the CSA member log-in account. Members may also call or email the CSA Customer Care Coordinator the week before their next scheduled delivery to request a hold. Members not managing their own holds must be aware that it is possible the CSA Customer Care Coordinator may not be able to process their hold requests by the end of the day Friday, if not given appropriate notice.

Auto- Renew members will not be charged for deliveries placed on hold.