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With the taste of summer in our unsulfured dried fruit and our conserves made with only a smidgen of sugar in comparison to the usual jams and jellies, this simple, versatile gift set is perfect for any occasion.

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Packed in an elegant gold-stamped gift box you'll find a sampling of some of our favorites that can be enjoyed at any time of day. This gift set comes with the taste of summer in dried fruit and conserves that are made with only a smidgen of sugar in comparison to the usual jams and jellies. Additional bags of Frog Hollow cookies and granola make this a great gift for a true snack lover.

Gift set includes:

- Plum-blueberry (8oz)
- Nectarine-plum conserve (8oz)
- Peach Conserve (8oz)
- Pluot chocolate chip cookies (4oz)
- bag of granola (8oz)
- Sun-dried organic fruit (4oz)

This product is delivered in a separate container than your CSA fruit share. Please look for a brown cardboard or styrofoam box with your name labeled on the side. Please take only the item(s) you ordered from the box as we often pack multiple member add-ons in the same box.

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